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If you are responsible for identifying, developing or retaining talent, if you have a deep-seated will to drive change and continually improve the performance of your people, then
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sales training alone doesn't work, changing behaviours does

Only with evidence-based data and a proven sales methodology will you successfully drive behavioural change and sustainably accelerate the performance of your salespeople.


By identifying individual skills, knowledge, and behaviours, you can create an evidence-based view of sales capability.
which means that:
  • You will make talent decisions  based on evidence.
  • You will know precisely where to develop your salespeople.
  • You can measure the success of your sales training.
  • You can identify your future sales leaders.


Drive your people to take ownership of their development and empower your sales managers to coach.
which means that:
  • You will establish a high performing sales culture.
  • Your people will buy-in to their sales training and development.
  • Your sales training will have immediate positive impact.
  • You will retain greater sales talent.


Make coaching part of your managers’ DNA and embed a coaching culture that ensures learning sticks and development is sustainable.
which means that:
  • You will embed existing and future training – learning is absorbed.
  • Your organisation will visibly shift towards a coaching culture.
  • You can integrate organisation change more effectively.
  • Your leadership pipeline significantly improves.

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underpinned by one platform to identify capability and track coaching activity

Typically, you only know two things about your sales training, how much it cost and how many people you sent. We don't think it's enough, so we created the Belief System. This gives you the right insight on the capability of your salespeople that you need to make the right sales training decisions. Oh, and it's in the cloud.

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the Belief Platform will help you to:
  • Accurately measure the right behaviours and drive better performance.
  • Instantly view the capability of your salespeople – by individual, by team and by territory (actually, for any role in your organisation) using real-time analytics.
  • Base your people decisions on evidence.
  • Track coaching activity.
  • Enable your people to have easy access to their personal development and coaching plan.
  • Identify the impact of your training and embed learning.


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sales training with immediate impact

Your customers are savvier and their buying patterns have evolved, making the need for you to step up even more important. We work on the principle that you cannot effect changes in sales performance with sales training alone – you have to change sales behaviours in order to adapt.

sales training based on your DNA
Understanding your organisational DNA is vital. We take a deep dive into your organisation prior to the start of any training programme. This ensures that sales training modules are based around your best practice and tailored to individual areas for development.
which means that:
  • You will have tailored delivery of sales training.
  • Your salespeople learn quicker and embed it.
  • You are able to identify clear and sustainable behavioural change.
you can experience sales training in:
  • Sales Management
  • Field Sales
  • Account Management
  • Desk-based Sales
  • Complex Sales
  • Listening & Questioning
  • Selling & Negotiation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Developing Dynamic Propositions
  • Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Presenting

“This was the best Sales Management course that I have participated in, in my entire career. The difference with this course is that I have implemented at least 10 things from the programme I received from Silent Edge. The learnings have been practical and relevant and will improve my effectiveness in my role and that of my people.”

Head of Distribution Partners, UK, AXA Insurance

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examples of sales performance success for you

Join our community of some of the world’s most recognised brands and discover how we have helped their salespeople to reach their full potential and improve the performance of the organisation.

Press play to discover how Northgate has transformed their sales performance.

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become a partner

We have a growing network of partners who use the Belief Platform to enhance their offer.

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what becoming a partner means to you

Our partnership programmes compliment and add value to your existing service and product offering. By becoming a partner, you will be able to:

  • Create a new repeat annual revenue stream in SaaS license fees.
  • Help your clients to build a coaching culture.
  • Enhance, embed and ensure sustainability of your training programmes.
  • Offer a greater product selection whilst maintaining focus on your core business.
  • Extend your talent resource with easy access to our team of consultants.
  • Effectively utilise evidence-based data to identify up-sell opportunities.

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our DNA

We are driven by knowledge; uncovering it, understanding it, and giving our clients the ability to use it well. The people we chose to join our team are instigators of change, dedicated to making transformation a lasting and tangible reality. They firmly believe in the importance of realising individual potential, and the unlimited power of evidence-based data.

our mission

We love to help people realise their potential – to be the best they can be throughout their career. We provide our clients with smart insight on the capability of their people, combined with a fresh approach to sales training and the power to coach. This makes transformation in sales performance become a lasting reality.

Our best practice sales methodology and data has been analysed by the Cranfield School of Management and the findings published in the Harvard Business Review.

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